Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Decor

I found these Pumpkin Spice votive candles this weekend at Michael's so I attempted to recreate something I saw in a bridal magazine. I wrapped a red oak leaf around the votive and secured it in place with twine. I think they turned out pretty good and I can't wait to see them on tables and lining the entrance on November 1st!

First Impressions

I found this book at my parents' house yesterday. Judging by the title, my first impression of the book was that Todd was going to convince his pinata to sacrifice himself so that Todd could get something inside of the pinata. Turns out this is wrong... it's actually about a baseball glove that Todd works hard for and then gives to a another kid who doesn't have one. It was an ok story, but I would have rather read a book based on my first impression. It's a little Tim Burton-esque.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not

I saw the most ridiculous thing today while standing in line at Michael's Craft Store. The woman ahead of me purchased an item the size of a package of birthday candles. The clerk asked if she wanted a bag for her item and the woman said yes. For ONE freakin' item no bigger than a sponge! To make it worse, the woman was carrying one of those large purses that when carried on her shoulder actually touched her hip. Ladies, if for no other reason, we carry purses like this to cart items around as we hop along our individal bunny paths.
The kicker was that after the clerk placed her small item and unnecessarily long receipt in this extraneous plastic bag, the woman put the purchase IN her purse! She didn't even carry it out of the store in her hand! Unbelievable. $50 bucks says she threw the bag away when she got home.

Monday, May 26, 2008

First Time for Everything

I love reading blogs. I especially enjoy finding new, great blogs to read. Although it is rather frustrating trying to find new blogs because blogspot doesn't have a handy browsing tool, unlike a social networking site like Myspace where you can click on one person and continue that trend halfway through cyber space.

Because of this love of reading others' blogs, I decided that I would contribute my own ramblings to the cyber world. For the most part I will probably ramble on about what's going on in my life, which at the moment is a lot. Getting married, being the director for a board at school, obsessing over sustainability and the green movement, and trying to make the best of summer break.

I will try to post some good eco-friendly ideas as often as possible as this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.

Stay tuned...