Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundance Fundance?

Living in a resort town comes with an expected flow of foreigners (i.e, anyone not from Utah) but the barrage was heightened ten fold in the last two weeks with the Sundance Film Festival. I had participated in this wondrous event when I lived in the Salt Lake valley. I saw Smart People with Dennis Quaid and SJP before it came out in mainstream theaters. I saw a documentary about the making of an opera about the making of the A-bomb and Oppenheimer's life (surprisingly interesting). I attended free concerts on Main street and reveled in seeing Adrian Grenier from Entourage walking down the street. I instantly became star struck and only stopped shrieking long enough to babble incoherently to my friend who had not noticed him walk by. Honestly, how can you not notice someone who looks like this, famous or not?

Anyway, since moving to Park City my Sundance experience drastically changed. I expected it to be two weeks of nonstop fun and excitement cruising Main street in hopes of spotting someone famous; seeing movies that may one day hit mainstream theaters or just make me feel more cultured; finding our way into industry-only parties. Boy was I mistaken!

My daily ritual mail run became nearly impossible because of the insane amount of traffic and overpriced parking spots that were few and far between. They were seriously charging $20 to park in a city owned lot that I had parked free in the day before the festival started. Unbelievable.

Getting anywhere or doing anything was both outrageously expensive and time consuming. We did go out a few nights to Cisero's on Main street because a friend is staying with us while bartending there. We were able to participate in Sundance without having to shell out too much for it. Thank you, Steve!

And instead of seeing three or four movies over the course of 10 days like the years before, I only saw one and it's because a friend had an extra ticket. I just couldn't justify the time, money and effort it would take to get to the theater and deal with the crowds. (I really hate crowds)

I did see some recognizable people, however. I won't call them famous because two are reality TV stars and one is someone you would know but not likely be able to name. I saw Gretchen and Slade from the Real Housewives of Orange County at Smiths last week. It was really bizarre. I had just watched the most recent episode of RHOC the night before and then there they were walking down the aisle toward the deli. (She looks better on TV and he is really tall)

The other guy I saw is named Danny Trejo and usually looks like this in movies:

He looked a little nicer in person, but not much. There were no smiles for those he granted photo ops.

I also heard that Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl had been at a party we stumbled upon around 2am earlier that night. Of all the movies at Sundance, his was the one I wanted to see the most. But I didn't think my better half would enjoy 90 minutes of me drooling at the screen. Hey, I may be married but I'm not blind.

But now that Sundance is winding down, we locals can return to our normal routines. I can get the mail in under an hour for free and with less road rage. We can get into bars where they conveniently remember our names now that they can't charge a $25 cover. And I can start planning my vacation to a warmer climate in time for next year's film festival.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

PH 3

I am grasping at straws for something to do today for Project Happiness. Isn't it sad that we have to seriously contemplate ways to bring us good feelings? I'm going to the gym again but I don't want to count that two days in a row. Hmmm... Maybe I'll give myself that long overdue pedicure while watching Bill & Giuliana (love that show!) or go to bed early for once. By the way, I am open to ideas. Also, I'm curious what you think of the new look and domain name. Better, right?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PH 2

If you read my previous post, you know that I am participating in Project Happiness which is simply a conscious effort to bring more happiness into your life- even in small ways.
So for my second day I decided that the best way to bring myself happiness was by doing something for someone else. My friend and co-worker had knee surgery yesterday after a skiing accident and will be laid up for the next week or so. I knew that her family would be scrambling to care for her and take care of themselves, so I tried my hand at a lasagna recipe I found online and brought them dinner. It made me feel good to do something nice for someone who always takes the time to listen and help me no matter what.

Tonight my bit of happiness will be found at the gym. Bring on the endorphin induced euphoria! I especially enjoy going to the gym with my better half. He promised to wear this t-shirt if I buy it for him:
Pretty sweet, right!? He'll look this good wearing it, too.

Have you joined Project Happiness yet?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Happiness

I was recently blog surfing and stumbled upon this wonderful thing started by Tamara. It's called Project Happiness. Go here to read more about what she and others are doing to bring more happiness into their lives.

Since everyone could use a little more cheer, myself included, I have decided to join in. This evening I am going to take a candlelit bubble bath, read a book, and drink a cold one.

What will you do to bring some happiness into your day?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Every once in a while my biological clock rings prematurely and I get baby hungry. It starts beeping when I see girls I went to school with having babies and I start to wonder if this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now, too. But then I push snooze and remember that they have always been light years ahead of me in checking off big life landmarks (i.e. getting married, buying a house, having a baby, etc.).
Sometimes I wish I could fast forward to the point in our lives when we're ready to make the decision to have a baby. It seems so far away. But if I were able to do that, then I'd miss all the great things we get to do in the mean time. Jason will finish school, I will earn a masters, we will have a house and have traveled and experienced life as a duo rather than a trio.
The other day I told Jason I couldn't wait to meet Caleb. Just saying it out loud made me tear up because it's true. I'm really excited to meet him, but in due time.

This is our nephew, Brayden. I fully expect my future child/children to look a lot like this- blonde hair, blue eyes and super adorable.

And P.S., Caleb is the name of our future son and I have officially put dibs on that name since many of my cousins have started reproducing already. (I may be the oldest cousin on both sides, but there are a lot of girls in my family that have reached the age when you can get married and knock out some kids)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Committed

As many of you know, I fell in love with rock climbing this summer and spent a good chunk of time at the crag or the bouldering gym. Since moving to Park City I haven't been to The Front and it breaks my heart. I decided that the $70 monthly membership wasn't worth it considering all of my climbing was purely imaginative. So I cancelled it. Gasp!

However, we joined the local rec center today and it felt really good to log some time on the treadmill and pump some iron. I even engaged our roommate in a pull-up contest. (He beat me but only by a few)
I am now resolved to get into amazing shape for climbing so that I am ready to hit the rock running when the weather allows. Here's how I plan to do it:

1. Find and follow a work out plan geared for climbers' needs
2. Recruit a workout buddy to keep me focused (my roommate is a gym rat, which may prove helpful)
3. Frequent trips to Momentum will keep my eyes on the prize
4. A late spring climbing trip somewhere warm (and dry) will be my reward for sticking it out
5. Sending a 5.10d (the hardest I've climbed is a 5.10c) or higher will be my ultimate test and provide the greatest reward for my hard work.

If anyone has a handle on a good climbers workout, please send it my way. I've looked online but I need a step-by-step guide, preferably with pictures and a schedule.