Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wimbledon Redeemed

Novak Djokovic

I just saw this tennis hottie on Sports Center and have a newfound interest in Wimbledon. He kind of looks like Justin Bartha, that blue-eyed sweetie from National Treasure and The Hangover, but with a hot Eastern European accent.
He's just been added to my "list"- you know, the list of people, usually famous, that you are allowed to hook up with given the opportunity and not face consequences from your significant other. I wonder how he'd feel about an early 20s married girl from Utah.

Who's on your list?

1 comment:

Stac said...

okay... I'm interested in wimbledon too! And I don't understand the whole tennis thing.

also, did you know that Mad Men is started up on August 16th... I can't wait.