Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just completed a weekend-long rock climbing class where I learned how to lead climb, set anchors, and clean routes. It was very physically demanding but worth every minute of exertion, even in 98 degrees. Check out this sick move at Dogwood in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

So I can't/couldn't wait to apply my new skill set when I was asked to play in a pick-up softball game on Sunday night. I was exhausted but went anyway. Mistake #1. It was a lot of fun and I got back in the swing of things (pun intended) but I
was looking forward to the game ending. It was the bottom of the last inning, we had two outs, and I was playing 2nd base. Mistake #2. This large man
stepped up to the plate and hit a grounder that bounced off the pitcher's mound and came in my direction. At first I was excited because this was my chance to end the game. As I bent to scoop it up it hit a divot and struck me on the left side of my right ankle. I stood there for about two seconds before dropping to the ground. It didn't hurt at first, but I knew I was in store for pain. After being carried from the field, some angel produced a cold pack and wrapped my ankle. I drove home and watched as my ankle grew from it's normal size to looking like I had a coke can laying beneath my skin. Jason took me to the ER and the good news is that it's not broken, just severely contused. The very bad news is that I can't climb for a good while nor can I run the 10k on Friday that I just signed up for. Ugh. I find it amusing that I can climb, a rather risky sport, and run without sustaining any major injuries, but can't play a harmless game of softball without being struck down. Check it out:

To add insult to injury, I have a cold now too. Something great better be around the corner because I'm getting really tired of the way things are going right now.

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