Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check, check, and check!

I just love productive Sundays. Don't you? Let's recap this wonderful day. (I know most of you are sensing a hint of sarcasm, but I'm being sincere. No, seriously.)

1. Slept in till 10:00 am.
2. Ate an incredible breakfast prepared by my incredible husband
3. Went skiing for several hours.
4. Took a 30 minute power nap while Jason caught up on the Masters. I am convinced that a golf tournament on in the background is the fastest way to fall asleep and provides the most sound slumber. Must be the inside voices used by the commentators.
5. Did our taxes. Pretty stoked about this. Thank you, Turbo Tax!
6. Made a tasty (technically vegan) dinner
7. Cleaned the house- including both bathrooms and some dusting action
8. Met some friends visiting from out-of-town for dessert

It has been a great day. Let's hope this week follows suit.

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