Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicken Sh*t

The chicks are about 5 weeks old now and have probably tripled in size since we brought them home. Want to know what else has tripled in size and quantity? The title of this post should be a clue.

I had no idea that two seemingly innocuous chickens could produce so. much. shit! And let me tell you that there is nothing cowardice about chicken shit. I'll spare you the details (consistency, size, shape, color, etc) and you can take my word for it.

The chickies (or chickybooms as I call them) are still living in the bathroom downstairs but it became evident after cleaning up today's fecal production that they are ready to be moved to the great outdoors. At least I assume they're ready because I'm ready. That's all that matters, right? To be fair, their feathers have come in and they seem to enjoy being outside. Lots of worms and grass to feed on.

A couple weekends ago, we removed the pavers from half the existing dog run and let them run (kinda) free when the weather permits. Since the weather can only improve from here (seriously, 12"-18" of snow in late April?), I think it's time to get cracking on building the chicken coop. I found some pretty sweet and super detailed plans for a coop and even have a material list to obtain chicken coop lumber package bids with. The lumber sales guys probably thought I was kidding. But I wasn't. I want a lumber package and it better be well-priced or I might "accidentally" leave them off the bid list for our next multi-million dollar project (I'm kidding. Kind of. Bwahaha)

Next up... sweet talking my dad into spending an entire weekend at my house to build their sweet nest.

Any ideas for coop names? Casa de Pollo? Cluckville? Help a chick out.

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kristen said...

Wow they grow so fast! I feel your pain with the shitting. Our ducks were the same way. Sorry i can't help you with the coop name, im not very familiar with chicken lingo