Tuesday, June 3, 2008

President Obama

Although I'm a little skeptical as to the accuracy of the delegate count, I am hopeful that Barack has, in fact, secured the Democratic nomination. Besides, does anyone really think that Hillary is going to let it go that easily? I wouldn't put it past her to hack the computer system to include her name on the ballot. The woman is crazy.

Aside from Barack's policies and intentions, the man had me when he danced with Ellen DeGeneres on her show... twice! The man has moves and everyone knows that the success of a United States president depends soley on his ability to two-step. We will once again rise to the top and regain world dominance because our president can keep rythm.

And while we're on the topic of candidates.... John McCain scares me. I'm sure that after being a POW for some time he developed an uncanny inner strength. However, what's to say that he won't have a flash back to prison camp and attack a busboy with a butter knife at a state dinner? Crazier shit has happened, i.e. electing G.W. .... twice!


Anonymous said...

can we talk about Jason in a velvet suit?

Related note: Obama can dance, McCain is scary and she concedes tomorrow.

Nikki said...

Come on Jess..... post a new blog.....