Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pupper Tuck

Today, we said goodbye to our four-legged family member, the patriarch of the furry brood. We rescued Tucker from some bully dogs at a kennel when he was just a puppy. I remember looking out the window as my mom opened the car door and this little black and brown bundle of energy flopped out. I thought, "Oh god, what has that woman done now?" But of course I was excited to have a puppy. He was the best puppy. The best dog. My best friend. Tucker always listened. He never passed judgment. I could always count on him.

My siblings never knew a life without Tucker and my heart breaks for them as they endure this hard life lesson.

Tucker was my mom's shadow. He never left her side. And in the end, she was by his as he took his last breath and left us for the first and only time.

Goodbye, Pupper Tuck. I will miss you forever and love you always.

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