Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our "Almost" House

Jason and I have decided to make a bold, grown up move... literally. We decided to buy a house rather than continue renting. It was a pretty easy decision: we're both settled in good jobs and sick of paying so much money toward someone else's mortgage. 

Since our lease ended on September 30th, Jason and I accepted my grandpa's generous offer to live with him (rent free!) until we could find and close on a house. The downside was that our beloved pups have to live with my parents until we can move into a new place. But we're lucky that my parents are willing to take care of them during this transition. So we packed all the belongings we don't require on a daily or weekly basis into a POD and moved in with my grandpa. I've traded the luxury of walking to/from work for the luxury of sharing coffee and the newspaper with my grandpa over breakfast. He's quite a guy. 

Finding a home that was affordable, in decent condition, and well-located was not so easy. We've been looking for a solid 3 months and after four (yes, four!) rejected or outbid offers, we finally found and secured the perfect home for us. We call it our almost house, because it's almost ours. If all goes well, we'll close on the 26th. Here's a teaser picture...


Great curb appeal? Check!
Two-car garage? Check! 
Fully fenced yard? Check! 

And that's just the outside. 

I began daydreaming and making plans for the interior before the ink was dry on our accepted counteroffer. Today, I found this bowl and plate at Anthropologie (love the store. just can't bring myself to shell out that much money for anything in it) and am using it as inspiration for my "reading room." Yes, this house is large enough for Jason and I to each get rooms of our own to do whatever we like with. 

073145_003_b.jpg    073143_001_b.jpg

I'm thinking high gloss black walls above the existing white beadboard and bright floral print art on the walls. Love it! 

Tomorrow I'm dragging Jason to Home Depot to think through paint colors for our bedroom. I have waited 4 long years to paint walls and change door hardware. 

Send us happy thoughts and good energy that all goes well and we close on our "almost" home! 

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