Sunday, January 2, 2011

New House Woes

Since purchasing our home a few months ago, all I've managed to do is paint our bedroom and begin choosing paint colors for other rooms. Building other people's homes took precedence over personalizing my new house. I'm also in the middle of refinishing a desk for my office. The thing that I don't want to be bothered with but have no choice right now is our plumbing. This weekend the temperature in Hickville (a.k.a. Heber) fell to -14 overnight. You read that right. -14! A few of our lines froze as a result and we've  been trying to unthaw them ever since. So far Jason's shower and the washer are better, but the potty in my bathroom still doesn't work. Even worse than the frozen pipes is the clog in our main line. I'll save you the details, but there is a lot of junk pouring UP through the drain in our utility room. A drain is supposed to suck down, not push shit up. We rented a snake and went to town, but it's not budging. The professionals will be here in the morning. I'm hoping that by the end of tomorrow I can 1. Use my toilet and 2. Go back to dreaming about paint colors rather than sewer lines.

Pictures to follow! (Don't worry. I won't post pictures of the junk - just the beautiful color of our room!)

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