Monday, January 10, 2011


As previously blogged, I have become consumed with house related projects. Now that I own 2,700 square feet I have been concentrating on finding furniture so that it's not so sparse. Considering we moved from a space half the size, I have a lot of room to work with. Enter KSL and Craigslist. I am borderline obsessed with these sites. I check them numerous times each day (or hour depending on what else is going on) and even look in neighboring cities. I'm lucky enough to sit between two cities with their own Craigslist pages, and I've learned that the goods in Provo are just as good but cheaper than those in Salt Lake.

This weekend I coerced my dearest hubby into venturing to dreaded Utah County to look at a curio cabinet I found on CL. I think he was equal parts concerned that I'd be abducted into a cult if I went alone and tempted by my offer of Bajio after checking out the goods.

The goods were better than good and a deal was struck. We loaded the cabinet into J's car and squeeeeezed into the front seats. I delivered on my promise of Bajio and then we made the trek home.

When we arrived I threw my index fingers at the sky like a wide receiver and our garage was the end zone. I am so grateful we made it home safe because any other outcome would have been disastrous for us... and the cabinet.

(It was worth the risk and $75)

The question remains, do I leave it in its current state (read: wonderfully distressed) Or do I paint it and what color? 

Next project... finishing our bedroom. Mr. J doesn't see the harm in leaving the mattresses on the floor, but I do! We need a bed frame. That reminds me, I haven't checked CL in like 2 hours... wish me luck!

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