Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Acquisitions

Want to know why I look forward to weekends? No, it's not because I get to sleep in (although that is a bonus). It's not because emails can go unanswered or phone calls silenced (also a perk).
I love weekends because I finally have time to comb thrift stores for treasures. The hunt is my favorite part. You never know what cool stuff is waiting for you. 

Just check out what I found this weekend!

Perfect new (to me) desk chair: $10

Pair of beautiful patina lamps: $16
(I know I've found something cool when everyone in the store stops me to remark/lust after them. Hands off... they're mine!)

Old books in just the right colors with hidden history: $9
Pottery Barn paisley table runner: $10

 Bringing the entry table together: Priceless 
(The lamp on the right needs a little repair. I'm going to become well-versed in lamp mechanics soon)

And if I ever need a reminder why I love living here, this will do the trick. 

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kristen said...

I love thrift shopping too. It's my fave "day off" activity. Although there aren't very many good ones in the provo area. We should go together sometime.