Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Last week was b-a-n-a-n-a-s and this week will prove to be the same. I made use of the two days furloughed from work by reuniting with my good friend Dallas (and our mutual friend Jack Daniels... more on that later), snagging my mom's sewing machine, and doing some old fashioned chores.

Dallas and I worked together on the ASUU Sustainability Board at school. In addition to enacting some serious change at school, we were best buds. (We make a good team) My favorite memories from senior year often involve getting a mid-day Friday buzz with Dallas at Green Street and then going home to take a nap. Ahhh those were the days.

Since then we've both taken the marriage plunge and purchased houses. He managed to one-up me though because he and Liz are expecting a baby this summer. I'm in no hurry to catch up to him.

Anyway, we don't get to have very much one-on-one friend time anymore and were both really excited to hang out on Friday night. Dinner at Bajio was followed by bar hopping in Sugarhouse (enter Mr. Jack Daniels) and ended with hip hop dancing at the latino nightclub Karamba. Holly hell. I haven't danced that hard, laughed that much, or stayed up that late in a long time!

In keeping with the evolution process of our house, I decided to snag my mom's sewing machine and figure out how to sew new chair pad covers for our dining room. I'm not one for following a pattern or really thinking things through, but I somehow managed to make four awesome chair pad covers. Truth be told, I still need to finish attaching the velcro closures on three of them. Nevertheless, it was a success! Thanks to Laura for her much needed words of encouragement and advice throughout the ordeal.

Today was spent cleaning, sewing, doing laundry, and putting together our first real budget. Dun-dun-dun!

It was scary (the budget, not the cleaning) but we managed to do it the Dave Ramsey way. This time next month we will begin the snow ball debt destroying process! We're also attending Financial Peace University on Sundays beginning this month and I am super excited about it.

But I have to make a confession, too. I promised Jason that I was finished spending unnecessary money on house-related expenses. But then I spent $60 at the fabric store. I felt guilty about it the moment the total flashed on the register. But like I told Jason, this will have to be a gradual change for me and I am still making progress. There. I feel better... and my butt feels good on these new cushions.

Thanks for reading this super long rambling post about my weekend. You're a real friend.